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March 11-14, 2023


















The EU is at SXSW!

The European Union (EU) is brimming with culture, creativity, diversity, green innovation, trade, and technology. If you’re coming to SXSW 2023, you’re invited to our events to learn about groundbreaking European ideas and business opportunities as part of our celebration of the transatlantic partnership.

Highlights from EU@SXSW 2022

See You Around Austin

This year, EU@SXSW events will be hosted at different partner venues around Austin. Find out which venues are hosting which events by clicking here.

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follow your own track

EU programming spans three SXSW tracks. You can participate in panels and events from a track of your choice, or mix and match!

Market & Economies

Market & Economies

Music & Tech

Music & Tech

Tech Industry

Tech Industry

EU@SXSW 2023_Website_header_Music_and_WEB3_3

Music & WEB3: Everything You Always Wanted to Know

As Web3 takes shape, the music industry is exploring the potential for artists, labels, publishing, audience, fans and beyond.

EU@SXSW 2023_Website_header_Hollywood_vs_Real_World_Robots_1

Hollywood vs Real World Robots and the Public Perception of Tech

In this discussion, panelists will examine the western perception of advanced robotic technology based on what we learned from Hollywood.

EU@SXSW 2023_Website_header_Where did innovation go

Where Did Tech Innovation Go?

In this discussion, experts will examine far-ranging ideas for how industrialized countries can get their tech and innovation leadership back on track.

Pestilence, Famine, War_6

Pestilence, Famine, War… Death? The Future of Trade

Experts reflect on what has worked, what has not, and what the future might hold for supply chains and trade relationships.

Regulating crypto

Regulating Crypto for Responsible Innovation

Transatlantic experts discuss how the European Union and United States can lead the way on a shared international approach to crypto.




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