Daan Archer

As CEO and Co-Founder of Copyright Delta, Daan Archer leads the development for a next-gen WEB3 platform for music licensing and fractional co-ownership.

Daan Archer has 20 years’ experience in software development and architectures (artificial intelligence, data analytics, and blockchain technologies). He has also worked for five years as the Dutch innovation diplomat in Japan. 

As an MIT Sloan Fellow in 2012, Daan focused on the system dynamics of the music industry and monetization for data ecosystems.

In 2017, he was asked to co-lead the technical working groups of the non-profit Open Music Initiative (OMI) in Boston, created by the Berklee College of Music, IDEO, and the MIT Media Lab. While there, he aligned 200+ companies in the U.S. music industry to agree on an open data exchange to solve many royalty gaps.

He is a lifelong skateboarder who has lived in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Dublin, and Boston.

Tracing music royalties & revenues in gaming & the metaverse

March 11   |   2.30PM CT

In this panel discussion, experts will delve into compelling use cases for the metaverse and the music business, offering their insights on seizing business opportunities in music licensing and shaping industry trends.

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