S+T+ARTS Augmented Reality Expo featuring Nick Ervink















March 10 - 11, 2024
All day


Meet Nick Ervink, an innovative and influential European artist from Flanders, Belgium, and a recipient of support from the European Union through the S+T+ARTS initiative within the digital single market. Renowned for his groundbreaking work, Nick stands as an exemplary figure pushing the boundaries of creative applications in technology.

S+T+ARTS stands as a relevant initiative for thinking beyond conventional boundaries, bridging Science, Technology, and Arts. Launched by the European Commission, this initiative fosters alliances that embody a European approach to technological innovation centered on human needs and values. The nexus of Science, Technology, and Arts holds significant potential for creative and reflective innovation, addressing the social, ecological, and economic challenges facing the world today. Nick Ervink’s work stands as a testament to the transformative power of this collaborative endeavor.

Specializing in 3D printing and various manufacturing technologies, Nick has been at the forefront of advancing cumulative printing techniques and crafting cutting-edge artworks for the ever-expanding fine art market. At EU@SXSW, Nick’s 3D artworks come to life in Augmented Reality, representing fundamental European values such as Democracy, Climate Change, Food Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, and Transatlantic Cooperation.

The exhibition is part of the S+T+ARTS GRIN project on art-driven innovation for the digital and green transition, paving the way for increased EU efforts in promoting cross-disciplinary cooperation throughout European regions.




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