Turo Pekari

Turo Pekari is a music industry executive, innovation specialist, and community builder based in Helsinki, Finland.

Turo currently leads international operations, innovation, and insights at Music Finland, and is a co-founder of the new European music innovation network Music Tech Europe. He has a 10-plus-year career in music business and as an expert of digital transformation and innovation for the Finnish Government and European Union. 

Turo is known for his extensive experience in applying blockchain and decentralized technologies and Web3 to the music industry. Lately, Turo has been helping the first NFT experimentations of Finnish artists and bringing Finnish music to the metaverse in 2022.

Music & WEB3: Everything You Always Wanted to Know

March 14   |   10AM CT

As Web3 takes shape, the music industry is exploring the potential for artists, labels, publishing, audience, fans and beyond. With this shift, could artists benefit from new licensing and monetization models? 

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