Stacy Savage

Stacy Savage is the Founder of Zero Waste Strategies (ZWS), an environmental consulting firm specializing in waste reduction best practices.

Stacy was born and raised under the brownish, hazy skies and rotten-egg smells of southeast Texas, the epicenter of the U.S. oil and gas industry, where her parents worked at local oil refineries for a collective 75 years. Her firsthand experience with pollution ignited her passion for environmental protection and carved the path of her 20-year professional career.

From 2003-2012, Stacy progressed from community organizer to campaign director and program manager with a statewide environmental nonprofit, where she knocked on tens of thousands of doors across Texas to educate and empower residents on waste and recycling issues. She helped lead the charge in passing two key pieces of legislation for the free take-back and responsible recycling of computers (2007) and televisions (2011). At the local level, she helped develop and pass four recycling ordinances in Austin, including residential curbside composting and business recycling requirements.

She also volunteered as Co-founder and Chair of the Austin Zero Waste Alliance, co-host of a weekly green-talk radio show for five years, and appointee to the City of Austin Zero Waste Advisory Commission.

Navigating Food Waste & Loss: Insights & Strategies

March 10   |   11.30AM CT

Whether you’re an individual or a business, get ready for valuable insights that go beyond just talk. Tech companies, universities, NGOs – everyone can be part of the solution.

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