Ron Ivey

Ron Ivey is a writer, researcher, and strategic advisor to business, governments, and philanthropies with a focus on the future of the economy, belonging, and human flourishing.

He is currently Managing Director of the Humanity 2.0 Institute and a visiting researcher at the Harvard Human Flourishing Program. Ron also serves as a Fellow at the Centre for Public Impact, a global think tank seeking to re-imagine government and restore relationships between governments and those they govern. In 2017, he established the consultancy Rembrandt Collective to help organizations lead collective action for the common good. For the past two decades, he has served as an advisor to executives in organizations including Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Vatican, IBM, the World Bank, the White House, and the Aspen Institute. Prior to his consultancy work, Ron was a policy advisor in the U.S. Senate.

AI & the future of loneliness

March 11   |   11.30AM CT

Have you ever said “thank you” to Alexa? Or “goodbye” to a customer service chatbot? From self-checkout registers to digital menus and delivery apps, today there are fewer opportunities for a human to ask: “How are you?”

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