Courtney Applequist

Multidisciplinary artist Courtney Applequist navigates the possibilities of painting and drawing using architecture as a foundational framework. Exploring a range of media, her work asserts a visualization of movement, time, and the debris as a consequence of it.

Courtney is a founding member of the ICEbox Collective, a Washington DC area group of artists whose work fosters critical thought and dialogue across cultural boundaries through art, coalescing their various disciplines into a collaborative art practice that promotes dialogue rather than statements. For SXSW 2022, she has created an interactive chalkboard  installation “Bodies of Disregard” at the European Union house (the Native, 807 E. 4th Street) that invites audiences to participate by questioning their relationship with climate change and consumerism.

C'mon, can art really change the world?

March 14   |   4PM CT

Join us as we meet creatives from Europe and the United States who use their work to encourage others to rethink our societies.

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