Cilia Kanellopoulos

Cilia Kanellopoulos works as an Innovation Lab Lead at Mazars, driving engagements, research, and ongoing client experiences in central and virtual innovation labs across the United Kingdom.

Previously, she held the role of Global Innovation Lead at the Vodafone Group, where she helped drive the innovation agenda through collaboration with start-ups and scale-ups while sourcing for emerging tech solutions that can solve business challenges.

Her other key accomplishments include designing a global ideation program across 19 locations for the Vodafone Group and running the first European social impact and diversity accelerator for early-stage businesses.

She has been a tech enthusiast and female empowerment specialist ever since she began her career in the Berlin start-up ecosystem. Through her work, she seeks to shed light on how digital technologies transform businesses, governments, and societies, and empower people.

Where Did Tech Innovation Go?

March 12   |   2.30PM CT

In this discussion, experts will examine far-ranging ideas for how industrialized countries can get their tech and innovation leadership back on track.

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