Chloe Autio

Chloe Autio is a technology policy expert with nearly a decade of experience advising organizations on AI policy and governance. She helps clients articulate policy positions and shape their engagement.

Chloe started her work in technology policy at Intel Corp., where she led the company’s first emerging technology policy portfolio and the development of the enterprise Responsible AI program. Her advice incorporates her experience with product development, compliance, brand, and social responsibility.

Chloe frequently advises government and civil society organizations on initiatives concerning AI oversight and policy. She is a frequent speaker on AI policy and practice, and has been nominated for various “Women in AI” awards by Venturebeat and others. Her insights have been featured in Axios, Bloomberg, and other outlets. She holds an economics degree from the University of California, Berkeley, where she studied a range of topics related to technology policy, data ethics, and the social implications of computing.

AI & the future of loneliness

March 11   |   11.30AM CT

Have you ever said “thank you” to Alexa? Or “goodbye” to a customer service chatbot? From self-checkout registers to digital menus and delivery apps, today there are fewer opportunities for a human to ask: “How are you?”

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