Britta Erich

Britta Erich

After having spent 15 years on film sets, as an Assistant Director and producer of creative documentaries, Britta Erich started to work at Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Hamburg in 2008. Creative Europe MEDIA is the EU’s support scheme for the audiovisual industry in Europe. Regarding sustainability she will share best-practice examples from various fields of the film industry.

Creative Europe Desks (CEDs) are the information offices of the Creative Europe programme, with locations all over Europe. They  consult on the program, work closely with the applicants, organize industry events, facilitate collaboration opportunities and take care of the press and social media in their countries. Together the CEDs build a powerful and efficient paneuropean network.

In addition, Britta works as a life and business coach and mentor.  

Going Green at the Movies

March 14   |   2.30PM CT

This panel brings together speakers from Europe and the United States to explore the latest initiatives and best practices in sustainable moviemaking. 

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