Anna Schneider

Anna Schneider is a self-proclaimed automotive lobbyist with a 35-year career representing some of the largest international automobile companies.

Anna is responsible for the development of Volkswagen Group’s legislative and public affairs priorities, and leads all advocacy efforts at the federal and state level. Active in leadership positions in several trade associations and nonprofit organizations, she promotes and builds awareness among key audiences in Washington and beyond of the company’s environmental stewardship, safety innovations, and corporate philanthropy. 

Anna previously served as Vice President of Industry and Government Affairs and deputy to the Group Vice President at Toyota Motor North America, Inc. (TMA). Before joining Toyota, she was Executive Director for Government Relations of U.S. Operations for Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. (MMNA), where she headed Mitsubishi’s government relations office for 13 years and sat on the company’s foundation board.

Anna also served as Director for Intergovernmental Affairs for Global USA, Inc., an international trade consulting firm, where she worked closely with international companies operating in the United States, including Hyundai Motor Sales of America.

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