Amit Elazari

Dr. Amit Elazari is J.S.D, Head of Cybersecurity Policy, Intel and Lecturer at UC Berkeley and Reichman University.

In addition to her role as lecturer, Dr. Elazari is Head of Cybersecurity Policy at Intel and a member of the External Advisory Committee for the academic think tank Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity. She also serves as Chair of the Cybersecurity Committee for the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) and Chair of the Open Source Security Foundation Public Policy Committee. At Intel, she is responsible for shaping and executing Intel’s global security policy engagement across all of Intel’s technologies. She co-founded, a non-profit aimed at fostering legal protections for security researchers participating in bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs.

Where Did Tech Innovation Go?

March 12   |   2.30PM CT

In this discussion, experts will examine far-ranging ideas for how industrialized countries can get their tech and innovation leadership back on track.

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