Alexandra Wudel

Alexandra Wudel is the co-founder of the think tank FemAI – Center for Feminist Artificial Intelligence. According to her, our future needs a positive narrative and inclusive feminism is the answer.

Alexandra Wudel works at the interface of politics, business, science, and society.

Since this legislative period, Alexandra has worked for one of the youngest German politicians, Emilia Fester. She advises the ICT Committee in digitalization projects, and works with the development of a feminist digital policy strategy.

With her experience as an advisor in the German Parliament and her work at FemAI, Alexandra is able to combine digital policy and business issues connected to AI with her commitment to a feminist, inclusive vision of the future.

Hollywood vs Real World Robots & the Public Perception of Tech

March 11   |   4PM CT

In this discussion, panelists will examine the western perception of advanced robotic technology based on what we learned from Hollywood.

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