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Speed Mentoring: Empowering Future Music Leaders



This event requires applying to attend. Please apply here.

This is a practical mentoring experience for emerging artists and innovators who will be matched with established artists. In this session, you will get to know how mentoring works, what it means especially for women and underrepresented groups, and how this relationship should be established and built in order to be an effective, successful tool. Attendees will meet Keychange ambassadors, participants and partners one-on-one, with the potential to enter an official mentor / mentee relationship throughout SXSW.


  • Marie FolPresident, On the Move
  • Francine GormanCEO, Bad Rituals
  • Eliza ReidFirst Lady of Iceland
  • Bethan ElfynProducer, BBC
  • Rebecca SzymkowArtist Manager and Talent Buyer, Birthday Cake Media
  • Lea KarworthCommunications and Project Manager, Reeperbahn Festival
  • Mia TernstromKeychange Project Manager and Promoter of Music for Young Audiences at Musikcentrum Öst
  • Kat KennedyGeneral Manager, Big Life Management
  • Mar SellarsManager, founder of Mar On Music
  • Brenda JulietMusic Publicist, founder of Girls in Power
  • Thursday, March 18th, 2021
  • 10:00AM–11:00AM ET