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Interactive EU Experience



Check out some of the most innovative EU-funded projects tackling the challenge of disinformation and supporting the discovery of new European musical artists.

See whether you can spot deep fake images and videos at our disinformation wall and listen to some of the best European music on offer under our sound domes!


InVID (In Video Veritas): The EU funded InVID innovation action has developed several key technologies to help the worldwide community of journalists, fact-checkers, human rights defenders and media literacy scholars to verify images and videos and to debunk disinformation spreading on social networks. The InVID verification plugin, available for both the Chrome and Firefox browsers, is being used by more than 9500 users from 144 countries including main media organisations like New York Times, BBC, Buzzfeed, European Televisions. The InVID plugin has been created by Agence France-Presse news agency (Paris, France) with the help of the Greek Computer Science Institute ITI-CERTH from Thessaloniki.

WeVerify (Wider and Enhanced Verification for You) : This EU funded innovation action, started on 1st of December 2018 for three years, aims to enhance collaborative information verification and disinformation debunking for newsrooms, fact-checkers and also citizens. It will bring new tools such as social network analysis to study disinformation spreading, deep fakes (also known as synthetic media) detection, fringe web networks monitoring. WeVerify will also build a database of content used for disinformation purposes. This database will use blockchain and image similarity search to help users to quickly debunk fake news surfacing again from time to time, or in different countries. WeVerify will maintain and enhance the InVID verification toolbox.


We are Europe is a European cooperation between 8 major European events, which have the particularity to be both festivals and forums. Over the last 3 years, We Are Europe has presented 24 events inviting 255 artists and 245 speakers to appear in front of more than a million people in 8 countries.

Musica Femina

The Creative Europe Cooperation Project, MusicaFemina, connects organizations from Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. It aims at rising awareness about gender-balance in the music scene, highlighting creativity of women in music, facilitating new creations and insure transnational mobiity of female artists: composers, performers, authors, poets of our time and of our cultural heritage. The MusicaFemina exhibition startet in 2018 in the imperial garden of Schönbrunn in Vienna. During two months of exhibition 56.000 guests enjoyed the music of more than 100 female composers from all over the world.

  • Monday, March 11th, 2019
  • 11:00AM–5:00AM ET