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Culture & AI – Creative industries and the end of Anthropocentrism



Following the recent conversations in Europe about “AI with a human touch” this panel examines the potentialities of AI components conceived in Europe, in a dialogue with US counterparts. Aspects of creativity, ingenuity and benevolence outside the sphere of human existence and perception form the basis of this conversation. The objective of this panel discussion is the critical interrogation of AI technologies considering the generation of culture. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence the dominance of humanity in regards of creative endeavors is facing scrutiny. Instead of demonizing this tendency, the panel is interested in understanding, and discussing aspects of culture in a universe shared by humans and AI. How does cultural production look like when humans and AI share the stage? Can AI develop sensibilities? Are those accessible to human perception and understanding? Is there a uniquely European perspective to the problem of an Alien Intelligence? – Alien in the sense of different, unusual, artificial, new and thought provoking.


Kory Bieg (OTA+)
OTA+ is an architecture, design and research office specializing in the application of advanced digital technologies for the visualization and fabrication of projects of all types and scale. OTA+ treats every project as an opportunity to use current design software and CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine tools to both generate and construct conceptually rigorous and formally unique design proposals.

Matias del Campo (SPAN)
Matias del Campo is a registered architect, designer and educator. His obsessive interrogation of mood and atmospheric effects is fueled by the opulent repertoire of computational design and fabrication methods as well as philosophical inquiry. Together these aspects form a comprehensive design ecology. He is the co-founder of the architectural practice SPAN, and he currently serves as Associate Professor of Architecture at the A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.

Ryan Vincent Manning (quirkd33)
Ryan Manning is a designer/owner of quirkd33 a design collaborative in landscapes, film, and architecture. He has worked at many offices including Tom Wiscombe Architecture, Terraform One, and Buro Happold. He currently works with Heron-Mazy since 2008 and accompanied honors/publications in Storefront Art and Architecture, Dallas Film Festival, IDEXXCanada, Blankspace, and many others. He has been a critic/lecturer at SCI-Arc, University of Texas, TU Berlin, TU Innsbruck, USC, Texas A&M and currently is living in Texas.

Sandra Manninger (SPAN)
Sandra Manninger is a registered architect, teacher, and researcher. She is principal of SPAN. The focus of the practice lies on the integration of advanced design and building techniques that folds nature, culture, and technology into a design ecology. She has thought architectural design at the , the Urban Strategies program at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, the Technical University in Vienna, the DIA Dessau Institute of Architecture, Germany, at Tsinghua University in Beijing, as well as Tongji University in Shanghai and most recently at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design. She is currently Assistant Professor of practice at Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.

  • Saturday, March 9th, 2019
  • 4:00PM–5:00PM ET