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807 E. 4th St. Austin, TX

Saturday: 9.30AM – 11PM

Sunday – Monday: 9.30AM – 10PM 

Enter on Brushy Street.

We have limited seats available for each event. Please make sure to register prior to your visit.

COVID-19 Safety

All credentialed SXSW participants will be required to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 (or a recent negative COVID-19 test) in order to collect and maintain their credentials. This policy remains subject to applicable laws and public health guidance. We will have more information soon as our policy evolves with specifics regarding testing, masking, and social distancing.

Experience the EU House

Experience the EU House

Let’s make a difference together! The EU House puts in practice what the EU preaches by following sustainability policies in line with the European Green Deal. Catering will be environmentally friendly (organic, fair trade, local, seasonal, vegetarian) and served with reusable plates, cutlery, and glassware, accompanied by recycled napkins. Staff will wear K95 masks made of plant-based material, which will be collected for composting after use. The flights of our invited speakers are offset. 

More about the EU House…

Live Interactive Chalkboard: “Bodies of Disregard”

Join artist Courtney Applequist of the ICEbox Collective as she weaves the story of how bodies of water have become the collision site of the natural versus unnatural, where scarcity meets abundance, and where our relationship with consumerism is juxtaposed with sustainable practices. Using the visual language of “doodling,” we invite you to ask questions about our relationship with climate change and consumerism on both the macro and micro levels.

Walk the “Pathway Against Plastics”

If we do nothing, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. Stopping this is one of the European Union’s top priorities. But cleaning our seas goes beyond removing the plastic that’s already there. The EU seeks to halt plastics before they reach our beaches. Created by the EU and The Universal Sea, the EU House boasts an immersive, 40-foot pathway that submerges visitors into the dirty reality of our oceans while showing the potential for a plastic-free future.

The Universal Sea

The Universal Sea is a European movement bringing together creatives and the public to accelerate a positive future for our oceans. A selection of projects at the intersection of art and climate will be featured at the EU House, including wearable dresses made of plastic bottles by Romanian artist Antoaneta Tica. This project is presented by the Institute for Art and Innovation in Berlin, which highlights art and innovation to find solutions for the plastic epidemic.

“Love Hate” Installation

Come see a larger-than-life, 1.5-ton metal sculpture that reads “LOVE” from one side and “HATE” from the other. It has traveled through Europe and is now experiencing its American debut. Brought across the Atlantic by the EU to kickstart transatlantic conversation, the piece by German artist Mia Florentine Weiss speaks to today’s division and the worrying dissemination of hate online. Hear from the artist herself on Saturday, March 12, or watch her discuss art as activism with other artists on Monday, March 14.

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