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March 13, 2022
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Subject experts from the EU Delegation to the United States are in Austin to answer your burning questions about top transatlantic topics. Each hour from 2-5 PM, meet with a different EU expert to discuss things like research, climate justice, and global health.

2:00 pm – Ask the EU Expert with Florent Bernard, Counsellor for Research and Innovation, Global Issues and Innovation, EU Delegation to the US.

3:00 pm  – Ask the EU Expert with Manuel Carmona Yebra, Counsellor for Environment and Oceans, Global Issues and Innovation,  EU Delegation to the US.

4:00 pm – Ask the EU Expert with Dr. Dagmara Koska, Deputy Head of Global Issues and Innovation, Counsellor for Climate and Energy, EU Delegation to the US.

5:00 pm – Ask the EU Expert with Mercedes Garcia Perez, Head of the Section on Global Issues and Innovation, including Global Health, Green Deal, EU Delegation to US.





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