Moderator: Rachel Anne Sibley

Futurist, Immersive Technology Consultant, and VR/AR Faculty at Singularity University

Rachel Sibley is a futurist & immersive technologist specializing in Augmented/Virtual Reality. Through her consulting efforts, speaking engagements, and senior leadership roles at companies both large (IBM) and scrappy (Leap Motion), she helps envision, identify, and design how exponential technologies will shape our future. Previously as VP of Product Marketing for Leap Motion, the company that allows people to interact in the digital world with their bare hands, she lead go-to-market efforts to bring embodiment and physical interaction to augmented and virtual reality. Before that, she scaled the story of IBM Studios from its mothership in Austin, Texas to 29 design studios worldwide, creating a more design-centric ethos at one of the world’s oldest and largest technology companies.