Claudius Lieven

City of Hamburg (Germany)

Claudius Lieven holds a master’s degree in Political Science. He was a community activist, founded an internet company and worked in urban renewal programs for several years before being elected member of the “Hamburger Buergerschaft”, the city parliament of Hamburg, where he served as speaker for urban development of the Green Party. Since 2008 he has been working in the Hamburg Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, where he designed the RISE “Framework Program for Integrated District Development”, the “Hamburg Monitoring System for Socio-spacial Development” and set up the “Stadtwerkstatt” (City Workshop), a platform and coordination group for citizen participation in urban planning. Currently, he is developing a digital integrated participation system (DIPAS) and digital collaboration tools together with the CityScienceLab of HafenCity University, the Hamburg Geoinformatic Agency LGV and other universities and research centers.