Ben McEwen

Commercial Director, ICE Services

Ben is Commercial Director of ICE Services and responsible for ICE’s front office services. The front office, is responsible for managing the ICE Core licensing of a wide range of multi-territorial digital music services. The ICE Core licence currently brings together the multi-territorial online rights represented by PRS For Music, STIM and GEMA. In addition to licensing, Ben’s role encompasses the engagement and ongoing management of the stakeholders that have committed their rights to the Core licence, as well as the acquisition of new rights through arrangements with other societies and rightsholders.

Prior to joining ICE, Ben was Head of Online for PRS For Music and has played a leading role in the development of Pan-European licensing initiatives, including the launch of CELAS (now SOLAR), the first Pan-European licensing service for EMI Music Publishing. In his time at PRS, Ben had been responsible for the development of PRS For Music’s own Pan-European licensing initiatives, including representing rights from Warner Chappell (as part of their PEDL initiative) and more recently, independent repertoire from a range of leading independent publishers including IMAGEM, Peer and a broad range of other independent publishers as part of the IMPEL initiative. Ben has also worked on the development of the licensing of on demand TV and film services, including deals with Netflix and other major platforms.